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eReceipt Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the eReceipt help desk questions and answers section. Please let us know if the existing questions and answers are helpful and if you found the answer to your question. To send Comments, Questions, and Suggestions for Changes, email us at Please use the word FAQ in the subject line.

If you don't find the answer to your question, please call the eReceipt Help Desk at (301) 682-5507.

Please also review Commonly Made Mistakes.

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Create a New Pre-Application

"Application Information" Tab

"Application Contacts" Tab

"Collaborator/COI" Tab

Letters of Recommendation

Business Officials/Authorized Organization Representatives -AOR on

Regulatory Documents


Funding Status Notification

PDF Questions

My Profile

Can I update the information in my account on the CDMRP eReceipt System, or do I have to start a new account?

The "Contact Information" Tab in the "My Profile" section allows Users to edit all information in your profile, including email address. Once the information has been changed we recommend that you set the updated information as default (by "save default") in order that the most current profile is used to pre-populate future pre-applications.

Please notify the eReceipt Help Desk ( of any updates to your Contact Information for previously submitted funded applications.

How do I change my User Name and Password?

This information can now be changed in the My Profile, "Account Info" tab. It is no longer required that your User Name be your full email address. Note that special characters are NOT permitted in passwords.

Note: Please contact the eReceipt Help Desk at 301-682-5507 ( for questions regarding your account(s).

Create a New Pre-Application

Do I have to submit a Pre-application to the CDMRP eReceipt System prior to submitting my Application to

Yes. Pre-application submission to the CDMRP eReceipt System, by the pre-application submission deadline, is mandatory for all award mechanisms offered by CDMRP.

How do I know you received my Pre-application?

The assignment of a CDMRP Application Log Number is the first step in the pre-application process. In order to complete the pre-application process, the PI is required to use the "Submit Pre-application" tab to submit the pre-application prior to the pre-application receipt deadline. Upon submission, the pre-application status will change from "Draft" to "Submitted." In addition, the PI will receive both an on-screen message directing him/her to the application package for that award mechanism, and an email notification of pre-application submission from the CDMRP eReceipt System.

My Pre-application has been submitted, but I need to make changes prior to the Pre-application deadline. Are these changes permitted?

The eReceipt System allows the PI to "Reset to Draft" the pre-application prior to the pre-application submission deadline. This reset button is available on the "Submit Pre-application" Tab, but can only be viewed once the pre-application has been submitted. If the pre-application is reset to DRAFT, the PI MUST resubmit the pre-application prior to the pre-application deadline.

What is the difference between a Letter of Intent and a Pre-application?

CDMRP has three types of Pre-Applications: 1) Letter of Intent (LOI), (2) Pre-application, and (3) Nomination.

1) The LOI Narrative should be a brief description of the project to be conducted - it is reviewed administratively to assist CDMRP with the two tiers of review. No invitation is required to submit the application to

2) The Pre-application Narrative and other required Pre-application documents should describe the proposed project using the guidelines provided in the appropriate program announcement - it is screened by the program-specific Integration Panel. An invitation to submit is required to submit the application to Invite and not invite lists, and associated letters are posted on the CDMRP eReceipt System in the "Summary" Tab corresponding to the CDMRP Application Log Number.

3) The Nomination should include a Letter of Nomination and other components specified in the appropriate program announcement - it is screened by the program-specific Integration Panel. An invitation to the nominee to submit is required to submit a application to Invite and not invite letters are sent to the proposed nominee and nominator.

Can I change the Award Mechanism on my Pre-application?

No, a change in mechanism is not permitted. If the pre-application deadline has not passed, a new pre-application must be completed for the appropriate award mechanism. Please contact the eReceipt Help Desk at or 301-682-5507.

How is the "Other Documents" Tab utilized?

The "Other Documents" Tab should be utilized only if specific documents are requested by CDMRP. Other documents that are not requested by CDMRP, but are uploaded in this section will not go forward to either tier of review.

"Application Information" Tab

Can I make changes to my title and research classifications in the eReceipt System after the Pre-application submission deadline?

Changes are permitted to the eReceipt data after the pre-application deadline. However; please contact the CDMRP eReceipt Help Desk to allow for changes in the pre-application information. The application data submitted to goes forward to peer and programmatic review.

"Application Contacts" Tab

When assigning an Alternate Submitter or Business Official, do I need to fill out all three "search" fields - Last Name, Email Address, and Institution?

No, please choose only one option at a time. If you do not know your institution's primary Business Official, please contact your Sponsored Programs Office (or equivalent) before selecting a contact from the search engine.

I completed a search but the individual I wanted to assign to my pre-application was not in the database. What is my next step?

Once the search has been completed and no data found, you will see a "Send An Invitation" link on the screen. Click on this link, enter the invitee's email address and name in the appropriate data fields, and hit send. The invitee will receive an email with a link directing him/her to register on the CDMRP eReceipt System. Once the invitee has registered, he/she will automatically be assigned to your pre-application and subsequent application.

I am trying to change my address and phone number in the "Application Contacts" Tab, but it will not accept changes.

All changes to data in the "Application Contacts" Tab must be completed in the "My Profile" tab. We recommend changing data in the "My Profile" tab in order for this data to pre-fill future pre-applications.

"Collaborators/COI" Tab

How do I invite a Partnering PI on the CDMRP eReceipt System?

Under the "Collaborator/COI" tab please include the Partnering PI information (first name, last name, email address) in the "Add Partnering PI" section. Please refer to the specific program announcement for the number of Partners (Initiating and Partnering) allowed. Once the invitation has been submitted, an email will be sent to the Partnering PI(s) requesting that he/she register on the CDMRP eReceipt System and confirm the invitation. This registration is mandatory for all Partnering PIs.

What is required of a Partnering PI in the Pre-application process?

A Partnering PI is required to register on the CDMRP eReceipt System ( upon receipt of his/her invitation by the Initiating PI.

Can a Partnering PI be changed after the Pre-application deadline has passed?

Yes, a change in Partnering PI for an Award Mechanism that requires a Letter of Intent does not require approval by CDMRP but MUST be changed in the pre-application. Please contact the CDMRP eReceipt Help Desk at 301-682-5507, or via email at, in order to modify a Partnering PI.

A change in Partnering PI on an invited Pre-application requires approval by CDMRP. Please contact the CDMRP eReceipt Help Desk at 301-682-5507 or via email at in order to modify a Partnering PI. The approval process may take 24-48 hours.

All requests must be approved and modified on the CDMRP eReceipt System prior to the application deadline. Once the change has been completed, a new invitation link will be generated and sent to the new Partnering PI. Acceptance of this link is required.

Letters of Recommendation

In sending an invitation, there was an error in the invitee's email address. How can I correct this?

We recommend deleting the first invitation and sending a new invitation.

What is the deadline for invitees to submit their Letters of Recommendation?

The deadline for Letters of Recommendation is 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the application receipt deadline as specified in the respective program announcement.

How can I determine if all my letters of recommendation have been fulfilled?

On the "Required Files" Tab of the Pre-application, a PI can monitor whether and when the letters were received; however, the PI will not be able to view these confidential Letters of Recommendation.

I am having difficulty with the forms in the application package I downloaded from Who should I call?

Please contact the CDMRP eReceipt Help Desk with any questions on application package forms at 301-682-5507 or by email at

I am a Mac User having difficulty with the application package forms. Who should I call?

Please contact the Help Desk at 1-800-518-4726.

How can I correct an application submitted through

You MUST resubmit the entire application package prior to the application submission deadline. On the SF-424, please make the following changes: 1) Select Change/Corrected Application in Block 1 - Type of Submission; and 2) Enter the Grant Tracking No. of the original submission in Block 4 - Federal Identifier Box.

Where should I insert my Pre-Application Log Number on the package?

Your CDMRP Application Log Number acquired during the pre-application process should be placed on the cover page of the application package in the "Application Filing Name" field.

If a system-to-system interface with is used, then enter the CDMRP Application Log Number into the Submission Title field.

What information should be inserted in the "Credential, e.g. agency login" field on the Research and Related Senior/Key Personnel Profile section under Project Director/PI?

Insert your User Name from the CDMRP eReceipt System into the "Credential, e.g. agency login" field.

Is the PI required to submit publications with the application package?

Typically, up to 5 relevant publication URLs and/or patent abstracts are requested. Check the specific program announcement for details. If publications are not publicly available, documents must be scanned at the lowest resolution (100 to 150 DPI).

Does CDMRP have a "grace period" for application submissions through

No, CDMRP does not have a grace period for application submissions to Please make sure to submit at least 48 hours prior to the submission deadline in order for to confirm receipt and validate the application.

Business Officials/Authorized Organization Representatives -AOR on

I am a Business Official/Authorized Organization Representative who has been assigned to a Pre-application on the CDMRP eReceipt System. What is my role in the Pre-application process?

Your assignment as a Business Official to the pre-application is for information and notification purposes only.

When should I upload my institutional files for my organization?

Institutional files are required at the funding stage of the program but may be uploaded into the CDMRP eReceipt System in the "Institution Files" tab under "My Profile" at any time.

Applicant Information - Block 5 of the SF-424

Block 5 of the SF-424 is intended to contain information on the Applicant Organization - not PI. The "person to be contacted on matters involving this application" is the Business Official (CR) or Business Official. This is not intended to be the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI).

Regulatory Documents

When and where are Regulatory Documents submitted?

Regulatory documents are now required when requested, typically at the funding stage. Regulatory documents to include Certification of Environmental Compliance, PI Safety Assurance, Animal Use, and Human Use must be uploaded on the CDMRP eReceipt System under the ""Required Award Documents" tab corresponding to the CDMRP Application Log Number. Do not submit with your application in


When a Pre-application is submitted to CDMRP, how long does it remain in the CDMRP eReceipt System accessible for Business Officials/AORs to access/view?

Generally, we archive application files that have not been funded after 2 years. However, the Application Information data remains accessible by the PI and Business Official/AOR on the CDMRP eReceipt System.

Can I receive a copy of my submitted application from CDMRP?

Due to security issues of data transfers, CDMRP will not provide the PI and/or AOR with a copy of the submitted application submitted to CDMRP via These files are large and email is not a secure method of transfer. Email and/or mail transfer is not allowed.

Can I receive a copy of my application submitted to from CDMRP?

The CDMRP eReceipt System has the capability for PIs, Business Officials, and AORs to view the application status. In the future, the capability to view and modify the application submitted to will be deployed.

Funding Status Notification

I did not receive an email notifying me of the results of the two-tier review process. Who can I contact for this information?

Please contact the CDMRP Program Help Desk at 301-682-5507; email:, as they can provide information on application funding and notification status.

How will I receive the summary statement from peer review of my application?

Funding Notification Letters, Summary Statements, and the Program Information Paper are posted on the CDMRP eReceipt System ( in the "Summary" Tab corresponding to the CDMRP Application Log Number. Please note that summary statements are not available or posted for Concept Awards.

My application has been funded and CDMRP has requested additional documents for this award. Where and how can I accomplish this?

Documents requested by CDMRP must be uploaded on the CDMRP eReceipt System under the "Required Award Information and Required Award Documents" tabs corresponding to the CDMRP Application Log Number.

PDF Questions

It is recommended that Principal Investigators and Business Officials/AORs unfamiliar with the preparation of pdf software acquaint themselves with pdf files prior to the receipt deadline. The assistance of your institution's technical support personnel can be pursued in this task. However, the following are basic instructions in combining multiple pdf files, compressing a file, editing a pdf file, and checking font size and lines per inch.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigators and Business Officials/AORs to check their pdf file prior to uploading on the CDMRP eReceipt System and to ensure that it meets the specific font, font size, margin, page limit, and all other program announcement requirements applicable to each award mechanism.

PDF Document Problems

Page Limit Requirements -- Pre-application or Project Narrative - Inserting a Page Break after the last line of the text on the last page will prevent the text from overflowing to the next page when converting to a pdf file.

Combining PDF Documents

The majority of applications are compiled as separate pdf documents and put together with the basic command of "Insert Pages" -

Open first pdf file
At top of screen on Menu Toolbar - select "Document"

  • drop down to Pages
  • select Insert
  • Program will lead you through choosing the next document and where you wish to place that document in your original file.
  • Save completed document

Compressing a file - (recommended maximum file upload size 20MB)

Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or less
Open pdf document
Select File
Go to Print
In drop-down box for printer selection - select Adobe Distiller or Adobe PDF
Save Document As _____

Adobe 6.0
Open pdf document
Select File
"Reduce File Size"
Save Document As _____

Editing a PDF File Adobe 6.0
Go to Tools
Advanced Editing
Touch up Text Tool
Make Changes
Select Save

Font Size Check

Adobe 6.0
Advanced Editing
Touch Up Text Tool
Right-click on text with mouse
Once box appears around text - right click mouse and select "Properties"

Adobe 5.0 or less
Attach Text Tool
Right-click on text with mouse
Once box appears around text - right click mouse and select "Properties"

**Rulers and Grids to view lines per inch may be found under the "View" option in the standard toolbar. This option is not available when using the "view" in the "Required Files Tab". The pdf file must be saved to your computer to view the rulers and grid.